The Gifted Adolescent

Parents of adolescents have concerns about their children at this stage of their lives.

Adolescents view school as an important part of their lives. They spend the majority of their time there with their peers. A lot of things can go on at school that parents know little about.

It is not uncommon for parents to be worried about school success especially considering all the issues facing teenagers including peer pressure, smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

Gifted teenagers are not immune to these issues. This can be a difficult time for the adolescent and their families.

Gifted teens, like their peers, are searching for their place in the world. They are trying to determine who they are. The gifted label may complicate an already difficult time.

These teenagers think and view the world differently then their peers. They have strong emotions and may take relationships very seriously.

For example, the gifted teen may have only a few friends but be very loyal to them.

They have a deeper consciousness of what is going on in the world. They are concerned about justice and the idea of what is right and wrong.

They may feel alone in the world or that something is wrong with them because they feel strongly about certain things or differently then other teens.

Some may play down their giftedness in order to fit in better. They fear being viewed as a nerd or geek.

Gifted children feel deeply about issues such as the unknown, death, and the future .

Be prepared and open to talk about issues even if they make you feel uncomfortable.

Try to help your child focus and deal with things that seem to be overpowering at times.

Work with your teenager to understand the good and bad in any decision. Focus on what he is good at and not the negative things that may be happening around him.

Be aware of any changes in your child's behaviour, school work, or friendships.

There are many things in an adolescent's life which, as a parent, you have little or no control over. No parent likes to think this is true, but for some things it is.

Children are always learning from their parents. They react to situations better or worse depending on how their parents react to it.

They need to know that the world is not coming to an end because they are unsure of how to deal with an issue they are facing.

Don't become too absorbed with your child's life so that you lose perspective.

Sometimes they need to solve a problem on their own. It's alright to let them make mistakes too.

Involving them in activites ouside school gives them an outlet for stress and gets them involved in something they enjoy.

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